Coaching for you

For you, then we can assist in achieving your goals, with focusing on the 3Rs: ... [READ MORE]


For your organisation or team

For your organisation we focus on the 3Rs: – Results – Recognition – Relationship. Why are the 3Rs important ... [READ MORE]

Coaching For You

For you, then we can assist in achieving your goals, with focusing on the 3Rs: Recognition Relationship Results

Why are these important? For you… Recognition – By understanding yourself, your talents and skills, this will boost your personal brand. Knowing your strengths and development areas, so that you can achieve your goals. Appreciating your impact on yourself and others will enhance your empathy and engagement. Relationship – Looking at the relationship you have with yourself, is important to help engage and motivate others. You will be able to create a team filled with innovative and successful people. Appreciating that you have influence not just below, but with your peers and above. Results – Being able to focus on what is important, means achievement. You will have more control of your day and what you do, as you have your priorities established. Learning from your success and failure, enhances your performance.

To achieve the success that you deserve, we support you through a program of one-on-one coaching, ideally over the phone or Skype, which provides you with the comfort of your own location and flexibility in timing. Face to face coaching can also be arranged. If you are not sure if this is for you, let’s just start with a 10 minute chat over the phone, no strings attached, to answer any questions you might have.

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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Know your Authentic Brand

When you leave a meeting, what impression do you want to leave behind? Do you want to be seen as someone who is a ‘go getter’ or ‘reliable’? Do you want people seeking you out because of the ideas you bring to project, or your ability to get it done? … [Read More]



Feeling exhausted? Feeling like you have never worked harder or longer hours? But yet, you are being asked to take on more responsibility at work, and your head says ‘Yes, this new responsibility is a great opportunity’, but your body is saying, ‘How … [Read More]


Time Management & Focus

How do you establish and keep your focus now? There are so many competing priorities in our lives, we have targets to achieve at work, which can include not just our team, but maybe even our own personal work targets. We have goals for the family, … [Read More]



Career coaching can support you as you move into a new role, or assist you to find and move into a new role. An important question to ask yourself, before you start looking for your next role, is to truly appreciate what skills and talents you have, … [Read More]

Coaching, Workshops and Training For Your Organisation

For your organisation we focus on the 3Rs:  Recognition Relationship Results

Why are the 3Rs important for your organisation?
Recognition – Recognising the talented performers. Enhanced employee engagement, as they know they are being seen, heard and recognised. As employees recognise the value of the organisation, what they sell, display, and share with others.
Relationship – Have enhanced collaboration and reduced stress. Increased teamwork as your employees are more appreciative of each other and their skills and talents. More innovation from employees, as they feel they can think outside the box without fear.
Results – Understating the vision, goals and KPIs, will enable targeted action, which also assists with accountability. Giving structure to their day, means getting things done. Encouraging the sharing of best practices leads to more innovation.

You can achieve the outcomes you are seeking for your organisation and employees, through one or more workshops, which can be supported with focused one-on-one coaching. Below is a sample of some of our workshops.


Recognition – Succession & Talent

Succession planning is a must for all key roles and leadership groups, and is a great way to engage, develop and mentor your staff. In these workshops, we explore who the potential successors are for your key roles, and importantly a level below … [Read More]

Dreaming Of Success

Relationship – Team Coaching

Individual coaching is extremely powerful, and when combined with Team Coaching, the success and energy of the Team, is at its optimum, it is just awesome. Which in turn amplifies the benefits of the individual coaching and their success. With Team … [Read More]

The Lamps

Result – Innovation Circles

These Workshop are NOT about finding out ways of doing more with less, they are about encouraging and using the genius innovative ideas from those who know, being your staff. Why bring in experts to develop new innovative ways or products, when you … [Read More]

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