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Importance of playing in your genius zone

20160831 einsteinAs strange as it might seem, we are all a genius at something.  There is a skill or talent, that just comes naturally to you, that you have no idea how you do the ‘thing’ that you do.  That ‘thing’ is one of your genius skills and talents.

Importance of playing in your genius zone.

When you are using one of your genius skills and talents, your energy is high, you are performing at your best, and as a leader your team are benefiting from you being in your genius zone.  It can feel uncomfortable thinking about being a genius, however, we all are!  There is going to be a number of skills and talents that you have, that when used have given you wonderful success and enjoyment.

Knowing your genius skills and talents is therefore important, as your success and the success of others greatly benefit from these talents.  Spending time outside of your genius zone is not benefiting anyone, especially you.

Identify your genius skills and talents is not a comparison event.  Knowing that you do something better than someone else, is not identifying your true genius skills and talents.  It is about knowing your natural abilities and skills.

Successful leaders have a high level of emotional intelligence, which includes a heightened level of self-awareness, especially around what they are brilliant at, what they are good at, and what they are crap at.

Skills and talent inventory.

In working with leaders, we spend time on identifying their skills and talent zones, with use of a simple self-evaluation tool.  As this helps identify those things that give you great success and provide you energy.  To the opposite, you get to understand those things that you are not very good at, or worse, you are just crap at.

The beauty of knowing this information, is that it helps you delegate tasks, as you appreciate that you are not the best person to undertake that task.  Also, this information can assist with the recruitment of team members, who are clear geniuses at the things that you are crap at.

To help identify your genius skills and talents (or even those of your team), I use the following self-evaluation tool: Skills and Talent Inventory (click here to download your free inventory).  The important focus in doing the inventory, is acknowledging what your skills and talents are and not comparing them to others around you.

click here (SATI)

From the inventory you will see the importance of spending as much time as possible in your genius and exceptional zones, and very little time in your competent and crap zones.

Knowing your genius skills and talents and also the crap ones, can greatly assist you in applying for a promotion, a new role, a pay rise, or recruiting new team members.

How much time do you spend in your genius zone?

Cheers, Andrea



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