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Create Your Personal Team

20160803 personal teamLeadership can be lonely.  The number of people who you can bounce ideas around with reduces as a leader, the people to ‘vent’ to definitely reduces, people you can confide in also reduces.  Which is where your Personal Team steps in.

Create Your Personal Team 

Your Personal Team, are a group of people, recruited by you, to help you.  You are the Captain of your Personal Team.  This means you get to recruit, allocate roles, promote team members, put some on leave or even make one or two redundant, as it is your Team.

You want between 6 to 10 members on your Team, and one or two might have similar roles. Here are some roles that your Team members should be playing:

  • Connector Team Member – someone who is well established and respected and by the title, could connect you with many people.
  • Listener Team Member – someone who will listen, let you download, even let you cry on their shoulder if needed. They are someone who also lets you know enough is enough, and no more crying or complaining.  A bit of tough love and advice.
  • Industry Expert Team Member – someone who has achieved what you are hoping to achieve in your field.
  • Mentor/Sponsor Team Member – someone in your organisation that can open doors and opportunities that you could not. Not a bad idea to have two mentors.
  • Focus Team Member – someone who will keep you focused and accountable to your goals, and give a discrete or not so discrete ‘kick’ to keep you on your goals.
  • Dreamer Member – someone who thinks big and believes in you and in a big way, and will motivate you towards your goals.

Each member plays a different role on your Team, and you will call on them at different times, depending on the challenges and opportunities that you are facing.

Invest in your Personal Team

You need to spend time on developing your own Team, as the performance of your Team is only as good as the Captain.  As you seek their assistance, you should check in on them, and see how they are going and if there is anything that you can do to help them.

What steps are you taking to Create your Personal Team?

Cheers, Andrea



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