Coaching for you

For you, then we can assist in achieving your goals, with focusing on the 3Rs: ... [READ MORE]


For your organisation or team

For your organisation we focus on the 3Rs: – Results – Recognition – Relationship. Why are the 3Rs important ... [READ MORE]

20161012 cabin oxygen mask

Apply your oxygen mask first

We hear this every time we get on a plane “Apply your oxygen mask first, before helping young children and others.”  It is important that we take care … [Read More...]

20160928 head in the sand

I want to give you some feedback

These are words that few people like hearing – I want to give you some feedback.  In the business world we almost run away when we hear these words, … [Read More...]

20160914 giving gift

The importance of leadership presence

Leadership presence, what is it?  We hear about the importance of leadership presence, however, as a client asked me recently “What actually is it and … [Read More...]

20160831 einstein

Importance of playing in your genius zone

As strange as it might seem, we are all a genius at something.  There is a skill or talent, that just comes naturally to you, that you have no idea … [Read More...]

20160817 man at fork road

Is there ever a bad decision?

Many years ago, one of my bosses, gave me some great advice: “The only bad decision you can make, is making no decision at all”. Is there ever a bad … [Read More...]

20160803 personal team

Create Your Personal Team

Leadership can be lonely.  The number of people who you can bounce ideas around with reduces as a leader, the people to ‘vent’ to definitely reduces, … [Read More...]

20160720 blindfold peek

Trust … but verify

Trust … but verify – this comment was made by the manager of one of my coaching clients.  It rang true to me, on so many levels – Trust…but … [Read More...]


How do you KISS?

How do you Keep It Simple, Stupid … KISS? The simpler something is and easier it is to remember, the more likely you are going to complete the task … [Read More...]

20160629 road closed

We all need a Plan B

Having a Plan B is important, whether it is for work, for your career, or even in your personal life.  Strong personal leadership, is based around … [Read More...]

20160622 brash salesman

Would you buy from you?

Would you buy from yourself?  Well would you?  Does what you have to ‘sell’ and the way you are ‘selling it’, pass the bu##s@%t factor? When you need … [Read More...]

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