Coaching for you

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For your organisation or team

For your organisation we focus on the 3Rs: – Results – Recognition – Relationship. Why are the 3Rs important ... [READ MORE]


Leadership and Executive Coaching with Focus
– For you and your organisation

Leadership is not just about leading a team, it is also about being your authentic self, and having an understanding of your emotional intelligence and awareness, and appreciating the impact you have to those around you.  You can be a leader without direct reports, and your organisation can also be a leader, a leader to its employees, in the market, with clients and more.

If you want to:

  • Know and value your personal brand
  • Know your strengths and have the confidence to back yourself
  • Know how you add value, and have others know the same
  • Have a plan for the future
  • Be in control of your day, week, month and future
  • Have the right time for the right things
  • Be a leader of an engaged and performing team

For your organisation, team, or business unit, if you want to:

  • Supportive and inclusive culture
  • Have engaged and collaborative employees
  • Retain and grow key talent
  • Succession plan for all or key employees
  • Highly innovative employees and known as an innovative organisation
  • Be an organisation of choice

If any one or more of the above are needs that you have, then click here to speak with us, or click here to find out more of how we can help you achieve your needs.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia, however our clients are throughout the country and even overseas. We can easily connect and support you, wherever there is an internet and phone connection. Got to love technology, it can help and hinder us, but at Staying Focused Coaching, we use it to helps you and us.